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SocialMag Pro is a minimalist WordPress Theme designed to be a fast loading theme that is code optimized for SEO. Its a perfect social magazine format for content marketing that engages your readers in a creative way and encourages social sharing. SocialMag Pro has been designed to include a WooCommerce store for both brands and affiliate marketing.

While the free version gives you a taste of what SocialMag has to offer, there are so many more features built into the Pro version to take your WordPress website even further. From custom widgets and social networking to beautiful custom displays and layouts, SocialMag Pro is the content marketing theme your looking for.

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Multiple Content Marketing Layout Options & Designs

SocialMag Pro WordPress theme comes with multiple layout options for the front page template, header, footer, posts, sidebars, panels, sliders and your social network icons for your content marketing. This enables you to display your content in unique ways. Each area was designed to display content in the most ey catching and readable way possible by default but also comes with these options for you to adjust the layout.

Each of those areas comes with controls built into the WordPress theme customizer allowing you to change the layout in a single click.

Front Page Video Header Background

The front page of SocialMag (designed to capture your reader’s attention) has a featured content section. This section at the top fold of the page has a variety of display options from a full width content slider, static background image or a full width video header background. This is a great area to establish the look and feel of your site’s branding while also drawing attention to a featured message and optional buttons for your reader to take action right away. These buttons above your video header/featured content can also be used to guide your reader to a desired page on your website.

The background header video and other featured media is also 100% responsive meaning that it will scale to any device your customers are using!

Dozens of Theme Options Each Section With Their Own Panel

The amount of options built into the SocialMag WordPress theme are far to vast to cover every option available in this section… each theme option has been categorized into it’s own panel inside the theme customizer to make it easier to find. Here are just a few of the customizer controls that are built into SocialMag Pro:

  • Header + Footer Layout Choices
  • Multiple Menu Options
  • Static Front Page Options (including custom templates)
  • Featured Content Controls
  • Post Grid Layouts
  • Post Thumbnail Display Styles
  • Slider Option Styles (including action buttons)
  • Controls for Custom Panels Template
  • Wide Variety of Color Controls
  • Choice of Typography/Font Styles/Font Sizes/Weights/Line Heights/Letter Spacing
  • Options for up to x7 Social Network Icons
  • Boxed & Full Width Display
  • Left & Right Sidebars
  • WooCommerce Options
  • & a lot more!

Social Sharing Buttons Plugin & Customizer Controls

ThemesMatic has built it’s own Social Sharing Plugin that enables you to display your social sharing buttons in multiple areas of your posts encouraging readers to share your content. You can change the style, size, type and even the color of your sharing buttons to fit the look of your website. Includes most major sharing networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. It also includes an Email Sharing Button so that readers can email your posts/content directly.

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Main Theme Features
SocialMag Pro
SEO Optmized Code
Custom Modern Search Bar & WooCommerce Cart
Multiple Post Grid Layout Options: Category/ Full Page / Magazine Layouts
Mutiple Post Style Display Options
Multiple Header & Footer Layouts
Multiple Sidebar Layouts with Double Sidebars
Custom Templates including Landing Page, Full Page Panels & Portfolio
Multiple Custom Widgets (App Store Widget / About Me Widget / Landing Page Widgets / Affiliate Ad Widget)
Much More Featured Content Controls & Options
Boxed/Full Width Display Options & More General Theme Options
Templates, Controls & Plugins
SocialMag Pro
Social Sharing Plugin by ThemesMatic
Featured Full Width Content Slider (Pro has more slider features)
6 Header Layout Template Styles
4 Footer Layout Template Styles
Portfolio, Full Page Panels & Custom Front Page Template
4 Post Grid Displays / 3 Post Column Choices / 5 Custom Post Thumbnail Styles
5 Content Slider Panels & Ability to Have 1 Single Set of Text for al Slides
6 Social Network Icon Locations
7 Sidebar Display Options (Including Left & Right Sidebars)
Custom WooCommerce Options
Extra Features
SocialMag Pro
Affiliate Ad Widget (Create income through affiliate ads)
7 Section Custom Landing Template w/ Bonus Action Area
Ability to show post thumbnails in standard format or 1 of 5 custom designs
Custom Advertising Sections for Ad Displays
Mega Menu Structure Option
Custom Number of Words in Post Excerpt Selection
Enable Content to Overlap Featured Media Section (Design Choice)
Add/Remove Feature Title & Content Sections from Featured Content Area
Add Social Network Icons to Multiple Areas
Adjust Logo Design Options to Work w/ Transparent Featured Content Area

SocialMag Pro

SocialMag displays your content in a magazine theme format designed for content marketing to engage your readers, promote sharing of content, display ads and look great on every device.

100% Responsive Design

Every page, template and section of SocialMag Pro has been tested to make sure it displays on every device and includes mobile menus.

SEO Friendly & Optmized Code

The code in SocialMag Pro has been marked up for correct usage of tags, HTML structure, headings and Schema for SEO.

Fast Loading & Lightweight

The amount of features in this theme comes in an optmized package to ensure your content is fast loading on the theme side

Minimalist Design Magazine Theme

A clean design creates a perfect canvas for you to create your website and make customizations to. A Social Magazine format allows your customers to engage with your content even further.

WooCommerce Optmized

If your doing content marketing, chances are your either marketing your products or acting as an affiliate. SocialMag Pro has been designed to have a clean looking, Customizable WooCommerce shop where you can easliy direct customers to your store.

Google Fonts

Choose any of your favorite Google fonts with a few clicks. After choosing your fonts, there are multiple controls built in to customize your font displays even more.

(4 customer reviews)

SocialMag Pro Testimonials

  1. jcgeek4u (verified owner)

    The creator of this awesome theme is so responsive! Keep it up man! So far satisfied client here… ^^

    • ThemesMatic (verified owner)

      Much appreciated jcgeek4u! Lots of cool new things coming soon.

  2. Velma Simmons (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service! The actual creator of the theme replied quickly to my email (within 24 hrs) to problem solve and offer great suggestions on how to use the theme features. Very impressive!

    • ThemesMatic (verified owner)

      Thanks Velma! Glad everything is working out.

  3. Jere Pohjankoski (verified owner)

    Great theme – thanks!!

  4. Tyler Wilson

    This site is definitely worth paying for the upgrade. It’s responsive and well-rounded and visually striking.

    The developer of the theme is also very responsive and helpful if you have an issue.

    10/10 would buy again.

    • ThemesMatic (verified owner)

      Thanks Tyler! Glad your enjoying it.

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