Social Sharing Buttons WordPress Plugin

social sharing icon size choice

With the click of a button your social sharing icon sizes can be changed to the perfect size for your site’s content.

placement of social sharing buttons

The display your social sharing buttons can be placed before of after your page/post content. Users are more likely to share your content when placed at the end of the article. This can be accomplished with a single button click.

color black white social sharing buttons

All icons can be color or black and white. Color icons use the exact CSS hex color used by the social networks.

square round social sharing buttons

With a simple click of a button you can choose between the 2 most popular shapes for your social sharing buttons, square or round. Size of each style can also be picked.


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WordPress Plugin

100% Free - Instant Download

  • 11 Social Sharing Networks
  • Font & Icon Size Controls
  • Shared Content is Filled Automatically (Editable)
  • Black & White or Color Buttons
  • Button Width Controls
  • Round or Square Buttons
  • Popup Sharing on 4+ Icon Choices
  • 100% Responsive Icons & Buttons
  • Place Buttons Before/After Content

Included: 11 Sharing Icon Choices

Browser Compatiblity:  WordPress 4.8+

ThemeMatic Files:  PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files

WordPress Requirements:  WordPress Version 4.8+

Theme Version:  Version 1.0

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