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Terms & Conditions

ThemesMatic provides software and website services under the following Terms & Conditions which may be updated/modified with or without any notice. By purchasing our themes and plugins you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms & Conditions described in the following article.

Types of Licenses

Standard License – This license allows use of a paid theme or plugin on a single website.

Developer License – This license allows use of a paid theme or plugin on a unlimited amount websites.

Free versions of plugins or themes can be used on unlimited amount sites.

Theme & Plugin Compatibility

Our theme and plugin compatibility has the same current requirements as WordPress.

  • PHP Version 5.2 or higher
  • MySQL Version 5.0.15 or greater

Browser Compatibility

All ThemesMatic themes and plugins are tested on the latest modern browsers including (but not limited to) Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Internet Explorer (IE) is not guaranteed to work with any of our themes and plugins. IE is no longer supported, maintained or developed by it’s developer ‘Microsoft’. The modern Microsoft replacement for Windows operating systems is ‘Edge’.

Intellectual Property

You (the user/customer) are not allowed to claim ownership of ThemesMatic software, products or designs whether or not they are modified or un-modified.

All products/content including WordPress Themes and Plugins are property of ThemesMatic. This includes all designs, written content, logos, graphics, code, files, projects, trade names, copyrights and trademarks.

They are provided without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. In no event shall our juridical person be held liable for any loss, damages including but not limited to any indirect, direct, consequential, incidental or special damages or losses from using or the inability to use our products paid or free.

3rd party code/programs/designs/etc. used by ThemesMatic with MIT/GPL licensing in our themes and plugins are property of their respective developers. Proper attribution to their works is documented in our themes and plugins. Thank you to those developers creating such work for the world to use.

Free versions of plugins or themes are not be re-distributed (except by WordPress.org or WordPress.com). Free or free versions of plugins or themes are not be edited/modified/re-packaged then sold.

There are 2 exceptions to this:

1. For developers to create websites with ThemesMatic themes or plugins which then may be sold to a client or customer. All licenses are transferred to client or customer upon sale of website/property.

2. To create properties (like websites/blogs) with our themes and plugins from which they profit from. All licenses are transferred to client or customer upon sale of website/property.

Any intellectual property discovered to be sold/given away (modified or not) by anyone else other than ThemesMatic or by ThemesMatic via marketplace(s) will have appropriate legal actions taken. These are subject (but not limited to) DMCA actions, appropriation of sales made from ThemesMatic products and/or any other appropriate action.

Simply put, while we (ThemesMatic) want to enable the creativity, work and business of entrepreneurs and developers by providing themes and plugins for their use and enable them to profit from those creations… we have to protect our work as well, from people who blatantly steal our work (or even buy it) then re-sell our products (modified or not) without the permission of ThemesMatic.

This practice undermines the hard work of developers around the world and the effort that goes into the creation of their original content.

If you see our content being re-sold or distributed by anyone other than WordPress or ThemesMatic please let us know through our Contact page.

Ethical developers have to stick together in protecting our hard work to enable all of us to keep creating content for the world.


Just as we like our privacy respected when we visit/join other sites, we will do the same with your privacy. Any information used at ThemesMatic by our customers will only be used by ThemesMatic. Your information will never be sold or distributed to any other party.

For more information on our Privacy Policy

Forums and Content

For all of our customers, we have a private support forum where questions can be asked on how to do anything with our plugins and themes.

We want to make sure that the best help and tutorials are provided and there are a few conditions to know beforehand.

  1. We reserve the right to remove content on any of the forums if it appears to be spam or unhelpful in general to the forum and users. This type of content will be removed with or without notice. This is to ensure help on the forums remains on point and quality.
  2. When it comes to help with plugins, widgets or themes that are not created by ThemesMatic or involved with ThemesMatic products please ask for help with these on there respective websites. We can help with anything that is created with ThemesMatic but tutorials on other developers products are best answered by them.
  3. Custom Development – We can help with a few things for free here and there but if your interested in creating a custom website using our themes and plugins we are available for hire. Simply visit our Contact Page and we can start a discussion on a custom project.
  4. Please keep the forums civil and helpful. Any hostility to other users is a great way to be banned from the forums.  We reserve the right to remove users should they be creating problems with other users or developers. Be kind, be helpful and create a community.

Photos and Demo Content

All photos and demo content are respective of there authors. They are licensed to be used for free and with so many authors of content we found the best way to provide credit is to leave the author’s name in the photo/image file. So if your interested in the finding the author they can be found there.

Demo content is included with all themes but is intended only to be used as a placeholder for your own content to see how it will look like before publishing.


Refunds can be offered within 30 days if your unhappy with the theme/plugin for any reason. If there is something we can help with let us know.


ThemesMatic does not make any guarantee or warranty on our themes or plugins in any form. With 3rd party plugins, themes, or widgets we cannot guarantee that they will work. We do testing with the most widely used web browsers on our themes and plugins but cannot guarantee there are no conflicts with all browsers. Before making your website live, ensure that testing has been done in a demo server also known as a “local host server”.

We reserve the right to refuse support if issues arise after any 3rd party plugins have been installed or any of the theme files have been modified.