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Most questions can be answered (or have been answered) in the Documentation section. Here you’ll find tutorials on everything from how to install themes to individual settings that control every part of the theme.

If your using the SocialMag WordPress theme, you can find support for the theme here: https://wordpress.org/support/theme/socialmag/ To create a new topic about the specific theme that hasn’t been answered yet, simply log into your WordPress.org account and create a new topic. If it’s a WordPress related topic that isn’t specific to the theme be sure to search in the WordPress Forums as it has most likely been answered already.


  • Are you available for hire for custom WordPress projects?
    • Yes. If you would like a complete custom WordPress website built for your project or business you can use our Contact Form to start negotiations.
  • Do you answer questions regarding WordPress or website customization?
    • No. We do answer questions regarding WordPress themes and Plugins that are made by ThemesMatic. All other questions have most likely been answered in the WordPress forums.

You can submit a support ticket here if your a paid member of ThemesMatic.