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How to Setup Your Social Network Links

SocialMag has social media network icons integrated into the theme. Setting these up is really simple and takes less than a minute. The social media icons will link to your specific social media URLs after publishing.

social network icons panel

In your WordPress dashboard, open up your Theme Customizer and go to “Social Network Icons”. Go to “Social Icon #1” and select your first social network. Next, post the URL for that icon in “Social Icon #1 URL“. That icon will now link to that URL. You can do that for up to 7 icons from your Facebook and Instagram account to your Medium or podcast links.

setup social network links

If you would like to display your icons in the left sidebar, make sure that you’ve enabled the left sidebar under “Sidebar Options ” in the Theme Customizer first. Once you’ve done that, you can set the icons to display in the left sidebar under “Right or Left Sidebar to Display Social Network Icons“. Once you’ve setup your social network links, you can set the size of your social icons from 15px to 60px under “Icon Size“. The last thing to do is click the “Publish” button at the top. The icons are now live on your WordPress site.

In the free version of SocialMag there are options to display your social network icons in the sidebar, footer or both. In SocialMag Pro there are 6 different options to choose from on how you want to display your social network links.

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